Air India Dubai – Flights from India to UAE Indulging in Luxury

Air India

                                Air India Dubai | Image Resource :

There are many airlines from India which provides flights to Dubai. These flights are available from major cities of the country. All the flights have world class services and passenger facilities inflight. Air India also have many flights from Indian cities which cater to Dubai bound passengers. There are many services which the airlines provide to its passengers to Dubai.

Services and Facilities on Air India Dubai Flights

The aircrafts of the airlines are divided into first class, business class and economy class. The baggage allowance limit in all these classes of Air India Dubai flights is 40 kg, 30 kg and 20 kg for the three classes respectively. Extra baggage can also be carried by the passengers on payment of additional charges at the airport.

There are many new inflight services also provided by the airlines which include excellent food and beverages. The first class passengers on Air India flights to Dubai have extra leg space and recliner seats along with beverages and premium lunch and dinner. The business class is also provided food and comfortable seats. Economy class passengers are provided the option of packed food and good ergonomic seats to make their journey comfortable.

The inflight entertainment of the flights is one of the best in the region. It is highly preferred by the Indian diaspora to travel to UAE and other parts of Middle East. The tickets and extra value added services offered by the airlines makes them even more attractive for the passengers. All other services provided by the airlines can be checked online.


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