Air India Express Dubai : Affordable Journey To Dream Destinations!


Air India Express Dubai | Image Resource :

By its name, this airline can be known to be a part of Air India set-up mainly for the average passengers to enjoy flight travelling. It began its services in 2005 with an inauguration of a flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Abu Dhabi. Being a subsidiary of Air India, it also has classy services even though it is a low budgeted flight. Currently, it is providing short journey tours emerging from Kerala and its headquarters are at Kochi.

It expressly connects south India to South-East Asia and Middle East. Low price of tickets is the biggest advantage for the passengers who wish to travel more within a limited price range. Mainly the flights of Air India Express head towards Dubai so it can as well be called Air India Express Dubai. The fleet of this airline include Boeing 737-800 aircrafts with single economy class.

Services offered by Air India Express Dubai

The affordable Air India Express Dubai is well-off with a variety of services like comfortable seats, good quality free meals provided during the journey, thrilling entertainment activities to divert one’s mind. Such services prove that these airlines surely respect the passengers and most importantly their hard-earned money and thus deliver efficiency and quality based facilities.

Free check-in baggage allowance is another good part of the airlines where they allow 7 kg hand baggage and an extra baggage of 10 kg in case travelling with a baby. The quick and easy interface offers scheduled departure and smooth ticket booking. Thus, Air India Express Airline Dubai is the right choice for budgeted tours.


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