Travel Luxuriously With Pakistan Airlines

It was a real proud moment for Pakistan when the only Muslim owned airline called Pakistan International Airlines flew during the British Raj in 1947 to 1955. It was founded in 1946 under the name Orient Airways which was changed to its current name in the month of January in 1955. The main hub of the airlines is situated at Karachi and secondary hubs at Lahore and Rawalpindi.

pakistan airlines

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Being Pakistan’s second largest airline company it has employed more than 19,000 people. The services of Pakistan Airlines are commendable as they consider customers with the highest priority. The ground staff as well as the staff on the flight take care of their passengers and are readily available to serve their customers.

Services Offered by Pakistan Airlines

The airline keeps their customers entertained throughout the flight by providing magazines. Moreover, they provide newspapers free of cost for all the passengers. The catering service offered by Pakistan Airlines is very appreciable. Currently, Singapore Air Terminal Services handles all the catering need of the airlines. PIA provides meals to the customers according to their dietary and religious needs.

This airline has maintained its reputation very well from decades. As the company slogan says ‘Great People to Fly with’ they prove the slogan absolutely correct by the gracious hosting and commendable services. Travelling has always been fun and if you get a chance to fly with great people on board you should never miss such a chance. So, book your tickets now and fly with Pakistan Airways.


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