Affordable flights with Cebu Pacific

Philippines is one of the most safe tourist destinations with a wonderful mix of people. It is famous for its art and craftsmanship, its culture, visual art and dance, cuisine and shopping. A number of recreational activities and entertainment are available for tourists visiting the country. The country has a tropical climate and is usually humid half the year.

cebu pacific

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The other half it stays cold due to monsoon showers and winds. Cebu Pacific is a Philippine based airline that prides itself on its affordable ticket pricing. It flies out to 25 international destinations and 33 domestic ones. The airline’s main base is in Manila- the capital city of Philippines. Established in 1988, the air carrier offers various services such as in flight internet connectivity, Fun Shop that consists of a wide variety of food choices. It also has an airport transport feature by the name of Ceb Connect that makes the process of changing flights easier at the Singapore Changi Airport by bypassing visa norms.

Flyer Schemes on the Cebu Pacific

The airline’s frequent flyer program goes by the name of GetGo. It offers various schemes like Free trips, deal prices on seat booking and many other offers. Although there have been some complaints from passengers about flight delays and customer care, Cebu Pacific Airline is a low cost air carrier. This means that services may be limited and not as good in comparison to other high maintenance airlines. With this airline, it is safe to say that you get what you pay for.


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