Chennai To Coimbatore Flights – Most Sought After Route In India

Chennai To Coimbatore Flights

Chennai To Coimbatore Flights | Image Resource :

For the last few decades, airplanes have become one of the most sought after means of transport. Most people have flights as their first choice to reach their destination.There are many hundreds of airlines providing air services to passengers that cumulatively connect almost every airport in the world.

In most cases, travellers prefer to take direct flights to their destinations due to obvious reasons. One can get connecting flights if the destination is a minor airport or if the distance is too large. There are plenty of Chennai to Coimbatore flights that are direct or passengers can travel via connecting flights as well.

Chennai is one of the largest metropolitan cities in South India. Coimbatore is a major urban centre in South India. Bangalore is known as the IT hub of the country and is a major city in the Deccan. Currently, there are over 20 direct and many connecting Chennai Coimbatore flights.

Chennai to Coimbatore flights List

There are many direct and connecting flights between Chennai and Coimbatore. There are over 10 direct Chennai to Coimbatore flights with approximately 1 to 1.5 hours durations some of which are Jet Airways 2363, Indigo 285, Indigo 275, SpiceJet 501 and many more flights. There are also combinations of connecting flights with durations of 4-5 hours or more.

Passengers have a lot of options for travelling from Chennai to Coimbatore. They can choose direct or connecting flights according to their convenience.


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