Royal Jordanian – Serving The People of Jordan And Its Tourists Since Decades


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Jordan is one among the beautiful countries in the world for sure. The airline companies that operate in Joron are quite professional in their services. But, the national flag carrier of Jordon is the prime attraction of this country’s aviation sector. The national airline company of Jordon was founded in the year 1963, under the empire of King Hussein Bin Talala. Know more about Royal Jordanian on cleartrip.

With the inception of this Airline Company, people of Jordon and tourists visiting this country has been benefitted a lot. Being the flag carrier of Jordan, Royal Jordanian also enjoys the advantages of single world alliance, as a partner.

Amman is the central hub of this airline company from where it operates. Queen Alia International Airport is the base of this airline company, from where it provides direct and connecting flights to different cities in the world.

Major attributes of Royal Jordanian

Some of the major regions covered in its list of destinations are- Africa, India, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, and North America. The fleet of Royal Jordanian comprises of aircrafts from Airbus models, Embracer models, and Boeing models. Hence, safety as well as security of the passengers is absolutely guaranteed.

The advantage of online check-in is certainly provided by this airline company and booking tickets online has been made easy with the online reservation portal of Royal Jordanian website. One of the most striking aspects about this airline company is that you can carry your pets as well. Yes, pets are allowed inside the aircraft of this airline company.


Fly With SriLankan Airlines And Enjoy Your Travel To Great Destinations!

srilankan airlines

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There are many reliable airlines in every country of the world. Sri Lanka is nowhere backward, there are many reputable airlines in the country, offering safe comfortable, and ideal services to passengers. An airline was started in 1947 as Air Ceylon which was the national airlines of the country.

Soon the company changed its name to Air Lanka and now it is officially SriLankan airlines. Right from economy class to first class services, the airline provides the best to the travellers. The slogan of the airline says You are Our World, and it means that the passengers make their world, and they no stone unturned with respect to the services offered.

Fly Smiles by SriLankan Airlines

Fly Smiles is a program offered by the SriLankan airlines which increases the number of points with every flight to any place. When the points are collected, they can be redeemed to avail the benefits. To avail the benefits, passengers need to get a membership card of their name. Some of the benefits they can avail are- on board shopping, lounge access, priority check in and cargo, complimentary meals and lots more.

The flights of SriLankan airlines are equipped with all the modern facilities so that the passenger does not feel uncomfortable at any point. The meals are specially made taking care of the health perspective of the travellers. The airline even comes up with frequent holiday deals as it known how important a trip is for any person. So, get ready to fly with the airlines.